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The Center for Spiritual Living Florida Gulfcoast is dedicated to the message of unity and inclusivity and creating a world that works for everyone. We are committed to working collaboratively with individuals and agencies that promote and support the message of inclusivity, and taking responsibility for creating the peaceful world we envision.

Centers for Spiritual Living

Our parent affiliation organization, provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and make the world a better place. At Centers for Spiritual Living, we actively encourage a way of life that honors all paths to God, and we are an open spiritual teaching that enables people to define and live with a personal relationship with God.

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Association For Global New Thought

Out of a deep conviction and pure passion to give our movement a clear voice and commanding presence on the global stage, the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) was born. We invite you to learn more about this movement and its global initiatives for peace, justice and healing, and in the process discover your own spiritual calling.

Science of Mind: Guide for Spiritual Living

Founded in 1927 by Dr. Ernest Holmes, the magazine inspires readers to create happier, richer and more satisfying lives by using spiritual principles. The monthly publication has 40,000 subscribers around the world and a Facebook following of more than 400,000. It is available at Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores and comes in print and digital formats. It is published by Centers for Spiritual Living, which is headquartered in Golden, Colorado.

Season for Nonviolence

Season for Nonviolence was established in 1998 by Arun Gandi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, and the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT), as a yearly event celebrating the philosophies and lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. The “season” begins with the anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, and ends on April 4, the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. We invite you to join us and people around the world as we practice 64 days of contemplation in support of peace, reflecting on one word each day.

Click here for the “Practicing Nonviolence for 64 Days (Jan. 30 – Apr. 4)” PDF file.