Do it yourself wooden letters

Do It Yourself

Rev. Martin

Have you ever assembled do-it-yourself furniture? You unpack the box, take out all the parts, try to make sense of the instructions, and then you go to work hoping that you’ll end up with something useful.

Life is kind of like that. We are created with certain talents and aptitudes, we are surrounded with an abundance of raw materials, and we have the inspired writings of the greatest men and women of history to show us how to put it all together. But only we can do the actual work of making our lives worth living. Only we can put all of the pieces together in such a way as to be a blessing to our world.

Life takes work. God has supplied everything we need to succeed in life. There are more opportunities and resources awaiting each of us than we’ll ever have time to take advantage of. Our Source of supply is, after all, Eternal. But those opportunities and resources are not likely to do us much good until we start working with them. As the saying goes, pray and then get busy. Or as an old-time preacher put it, “Whatever it is you want to do in life, God will do half the work. The second half!”

You may recall the Parable of the Talents. Jesus spoke of three servants who were each given some money, and their Master told them to look after it during his travels. When the Master returned, he asked each of the servants about the money. The first two had worked with the money, and doubled its value. Impressed, the Master declared that, having been productive with a little, he would give them authority over much more. But the third servant announced that he had buried his allotment, and every penny was still there, safe and sound. The Master said “you foolish man . . . what little you have been given will be taken away.”

The third servant had been given a great gift, and he had squandered it by not putting it to work. And so it is with us. Each of us has been blessed with priceless gifts from God, and God is waiting for us to do something priceless with those gifts.

The parts are there, the instructions are there. God is waiting for us to put them to work. It turns out that our Father’s business is a do-it-yourself-business.

With God as your partner, your business is guaranteed to be successful!